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Tips to Take Your Sexual Performance Abilities to Higher Levels
Posted on April 7th, 2014
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In a certain study that has been published in the Journal of Sexual Medicine, the doctors have revealed that even the tiniest amount of weight loss will already be able to lead to a great improvement in men’s erectile dysfunction issues. Even though there are already numerous effective medications that are out in the market right now which promise to cure the dreaded condition of erectile dysfunction, in the case of obese men suffering from type II diabetes, altering their eating habits can actually as effective when it comes to relieving the symptoms. The doctors have stated that about 40% of the population of diabetics is suffering from urological issues that commonly go ignored, which include the overactive bladder syndrome and ED. In a new study, about 31 obese males who have type diabetes and are suffering from the said symptoms have been put on two varied kinds of diets and placed under study to determine if weight loss will be able to help them in reviving their lost sexual function.

Erectile Dysfunction and Weight Loss

The participants of the study have been split to a two groups and within the span of 8 weeks, one group has been placed on liquid replacement diet, while the other half followed a diet high in protein. When the two weeks came to an end, the group who were given the liquid diet lost around 9% of their body’s overall weight while the other group lost around 5%. The two groups have been reported to see an improvement in their sexual and urological health. The researchers went on to studying the 31 males during the course of one year and this time, both groups followed a high protein diet. As the year ended, the participants had an average 10% loss of their overall body weight, with all of them reporting to have continuing enhanced urological health and erectile function. On the average, the males were able to improve from suffering severe ED to mild ED.

ED and Its Risks to Obese Men

Once again, this study has reinforced how important lifestyle changes are as far as curing both erectile dysfunction and diabetes are concerned. Even if diabetes will be set aside, obese men actually have one and a half times the chances of suffering from ED. And as the costs of healthcare continues to rise, people are being encouraged to realize that even the smallest changes in lifestyle is much more effective compared to other medications when it comes to the treatment of ED. The authors of this study also hope to continue with further research in order for them to determine how exercise when combined with proper diet can affect the urological health and erectile dysfunction of a man. Both exercise and fitness are being highly recommended to be the perfect means of controlling the symptoms of diabetes.

These days, a new generation of research on men’s impotence has led to numerous significant advances both on the treatment and diagnosis of sexual dysfunction among men. These research studies have also been the reason why there are now different male enhancement products out in the market which promise to give the needed assistance for combating this kind of condition. If you are suffering from ED, make sure that you look for the most suitable male enhancement pills specially created for fighting off such specific sexual issues in order for you to get the best results that you want.


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