Prolixus uses a male enhancement formula supposedly discovered by three former medical students, which features the world’s only “tissue stimulation transport system” or TSTS, touted by the manufacturer as “possibly the greatest scientific breakthrough in the history of male enhancement.” But is this male enhancer the real deal or just big on words and small in gains? Let’s find out.

Claims and Components

With its slogan “Widen Your Horizons,” Prolixus differentiates itself from other male enhancement supplements by targeting thickness instead of length. According to the product’s website, girth is more important than length when it comes to pleasuring your woman and giving her an orgasm.

Living Life LLC, the manufacturer, claims that Prolixus capsules use an “extended release technology” to promote almost instant absorption of the product’s active ingredients. These ingredients are enclosed inside “effervescent micro beads” to extend their bioavailability time and deliver them directly to the right tissues in the penis.

What are these ingredients exactly? Living Life LLC keeps them a secret, as well as the identity of the three gentlemen who discovered the Prolixus formula.

The Good

  • Claims to have clinically tested ingredients
  • Claims to use a breakthrough ingredient delivery system
  • Appeals to men who want an increase in girth instead of length

The Bad

  • Expensive
  • Product keeps its male enhancement formula a secret and does not reveal the ingredients
  • Does not provide the identity of the “three former medical students” and their credentials
  • “Former” may mean that the three Prolixus pioneers did not finish med school
  • Little manufacturer information

The Verdict

Prolixus aims to be a unique male enhancement supplement by giving more importance to girth instead of length. It attempts to justify its hefty price tag by boasting of an extremely effective ingredient-to-tissue delivery system – if there is real science behind it. We understand the idea of keeping the ingredients a secret to prevent competitors from copying the formula, but consumers want to know what they’re ingesting so they can judge if they’re effective or dangerous. If Prolixus is really one of the most effective male enhancement supplements, the three former medical students who discovered the formula should have no reason to hide their identities.

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