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Description: Promoting itself as “permanent male enhancer,” Nitroxin claims to work so well in production of nitric oxide, which feeds erectile tissue directly. This male enhancement product actively supports your body’s production of pure testosterone for helping you achieve “rock-hard erections and enduring staying power.”

What’s Inside the Product: Horny goat weed, vitamin E, licorice root, wild yam extract, red ginseng, and oyster shell

The Features of the Product: If you are wondering about the clinical-sounding name, Nitroxin banks on its ability to help flood your system with nitric oxide production, which immediately feeds directly into your erectile tissue. The result of this increased production is more blood flowing into your three penile chambers, helping you get hard and in the mood fast. Among the benefits are longer-lasting and bigger erections, as well as prostate nourishment for more intense ejaculations.

The Advantages:

  • Good results in our own product trial and summary
  • Sample packs and special gifts available

The Disadvantages:

  • Lack of a unique selling proposition
  • No full list of ingredients provided
  • No clinical study findings provided

Final Words:

Simplicity is key in a male enhancement herbal product like Nitroxin, and it is able to achieve being simple yet effective to a specific degree. In fact, this supplement is able to mimic the action of certain erectile dysfunction drugs through increased nitric oxide production. It is our preference, though, that we know enough about a specific brand to be able to consider purchasing it. In this case, Nitroxin lacks a full list of ingredients, falls short of backing up its benefit claims because there are no clinical findings anywhere on the site, and there is a general lack of a unique selling proposition that will draw us to it. If you are one looking for a great deal, you might want to consider it for its trial pack and special discounted packs.

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