Male enhancement is definitely among the most discussed topics of today among men of different ages, races, and color coming from different parts of the world. Well, why is this not a big surprise? With all the advancements in technology today and the wonders that the humans’ creations can do, it has already been a trend for people to enhance or improve the things that have been given to them and in the case of men, it is their penis that has become the apple of their eyes. Hundreds of male enlargement products can now be found everywhere and today, one of the many names that have gotten the attention of men is none other than Maxejaxx.

Product Overview

Even though there might be a plethora of male enlargement products out in the market right now claiming that they can help premature ejaculation or erectile dysfunction, Maxejaxx is assumed to have the ability of increasing semen volume during ejaculation. This product is being sold online in numerous retail outlets. However, Flintridge Bioscience’s website, its website, is providing very minimal amount of information. Even though there is a provided contact address, you cannot find any other details regarding their products, which is why consumers who would like to learn more about product need to get it from where they purchase the product.

The product’s prices can vary although the average cost for a single bottle is about 24.95 dollars, and discounts are being offered for those who will be placing bulk orders. The brand also has no money back guarantees and risk-free trials. There are also no available testimonials from customers and no shown clinical studies.

Product Details

The ingredients that are contained in the product are available and so far, it seems that the product does contain most of the standard substances that can be found in such products. Maxejaxx’s primary active ingredients include Asian Ginseng for increasing energy levels, Cnidium, Niacin, Maca root, caltrop for supporting the male sexual hormone as well as Prosexual Nutrients that can improve the flow of blood going to the penile area. It has not been determined which of the ingredients take responsibility for the increase in semen volume or which of them supports the prostate, which is also one of the claims made by the product.

Sad to say that there are no indications of the ingredients’ amount and no mention of how fast acting the product is.

The Good

  • The product is all natural.
  • The product comes in an affordable price.
  • The product includes Prosexual Nutrients.
  • There are discounts offered.
  • It is available in many stores.

The Bad

  • The amounts of ingredients have not been provided.
  • The money back guarantee is not clear.
  • There is limited information in the website of the manufacturer.
  • No scientific proof or evidence is shown.

The Verdict

If you will look at it closely, there is definitely nothing about Maxejaxx that will suggest that this has the ability of improving the male orgasm’s quality through improving the production of semen and to top it, there is also no provided clinical proof, which is why there is simply no way for this male enlargement supplement to be recommended.

If you really need help in the enhancement category, there are still many other products out in the market which will surely give you the kind of assistance that you require.

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