Male Enhancement Rating: 6th
Last Updated: January 12, 2020

An Overview of Irexis Male Enhancement Product

Irexis male enhancement supplement, like most other top selling enhancement products,  claims to treat sexual dysfunction and premature ejaculation, which happens to be two of the most common disorders on sexual dysfunction. This product makes use of some commonly used ingredients, including ginseng and muira puama, a type of Brazilian tonic. According to the manufacturer, these ingredients work together to give results in as short as one hour, prepping up the user’s body for a sexual intercourse. The product, however, also contains the controversial ingredient Yohimbe, which is know to cause sever sided effects.

What Ingredients Can be Found in Irexis Formula?

Irexis is composed of muira puama, Catuaba bark, yohimbe extract, tribulus terrestris, pumpkin seed, oyster extract, zinc, and ginseng.

Do These Ingredients Really Work?

Well, these might work but is the risk might worth it. Based on the studies conducted by NIH or National Institutes of Health, yohimbe was discovered to be effective in curing sexual dysfunction or even impotence in several clinical trials. As mentioned earlier, the reported benefits come with risks because using the product regularly may induce panic attacks, anxiety, dizziness or hallucinations. Prescription for Nutritional Healing also states that the product can also cause kidney failure and seizures even it is allegedly uncommon.

On the other hand, the studies which have been conducted on the aphrodisiac powers of muira puama, pumpkin seed, and Catuaba bark has all showed that these are not really efficient sexual aids, in spite of the claims which have been made by the product. Even if Catuaba bark can help in improving sexual enhancement, there are actually no studies to confirm this theory. Ginseng has been said to have enhancement effects.

Is the Product Safe?

If truth be said, this product is not really that safe because it contains yohimbe bark which can cause several serious side effects. People who have blood or heart problem history should seek the advice of a medical professional prior to taking Irexis.

The Verdict

The yohimbe bark contained in this product can be an efficient ingredient but as most people know it also happens to be the most harmful ingredients for many people. With the increased chances of suffering from heart abnormalities and blood pressure, this product is probably not that ideal for individuals who have pre-existing blood or heart conditions.

The bottom line is that for some people Irexis can lessen the symptoms of ED, but can also cause sever side effects. With several better selling and more effective products now available we must recommend that our readers think carefully before purchasing this product. 

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