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There are relatively big players in the male enhancement scene, and we can consider Fomdi among them with its range of sex-enhancing pills, gels, oils, patches, and what other labels are summoned to mind. Fomdi lays claims to being among the largest, most trusted natural health product distributors in the world. Its business, however, isn’t concentrated on male enhancers alone, as it also markets weight loss supplements, to name a few. Its lineup of products for building a bigger, better manhood is MagnumFX, as well as other aggressively hyped sub-labels.

What’s Inside the Product: Varies according to specific male enhancement product

The Features of the Product: Unlike other brands reviewed on this site, Fomdi has a number of different male enhancement solutions in pill, patch, oil, and/or gel forms. From its marketing stance, Fomdi makes it clear that it offers what other male enhancement products are targeted to provide, such as improved erections, enhanced stamina or longevity in bed, and improved energy levels to keep you going throughout the session – or the whole night. These are its appeals to erectile dysfunction (ED) patients, as well as those who are relatively sexually healthy but are looking to maintain their potency and vitality.

The Advantages:

  • Known manufacturer name with a wide range of wellness products
  • Special deals and packages for savings
  • Good and secure ordering system

The Disadvantages:

  • Focuses on marketing hype instead of cold, hard scientific facts to prove its claims
  • Barred website access in certain countries

Final Words:

What is probably Fomdi’s biggest edge against its competitors in the male enhancement industry today is its range of different sexual solutions for men, from pills to patches to cater to personal preferences. But this could also be its biggest potential weakness, as its manufacturer is not focused on the science of natural male enlargement alone, but also on other wellness areas such as weight management. It has to go beyond the usual marketing and advertising hype to put the spotlight on clinical trials that it conducted on its own. We’re relatively satisfied with our own Fomdi product run, but what does it say about its products if the manufacturer itself cannot provide the said data?

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