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Penis Size and Its Different Types
Posted on February 12th, 2014
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The truth is, a lot of men are actually clueless as to how big or small their members really are. In fact, an average man usually assumes that his member’s size is below the average. But if you really want to see the success of your male enhancement goal, it is important that learn everything there is to know about the mystery of the average size of a man’s penis.

Each and every man is unique and exceptional in his own way, and this individuality includes his penis size. There are men who are thin and long and there are also those who are short wide. On the other hand, a few lucky ones, as the ladies claimed it, are both large and long. However, how will you really know where you actually stand in this battle? How will you compare to the average men?

What is the average size anyway?

Take several minutes inside the bathroom so that you can check and look at what you really got? Is it short? Long? Wider? Never compare yourself through simply checking into other guys’ tools when in the gym locker because this is actually useless. What you should do instead is get a measure tape then calculate your penis’s girth, length as well as its erection angle.

After measuring yourself, this is now the best time that you compare the answers that you got with those averages that have been compiled in a new study conducted in the United States:

Angle During Erection

During the erect state, stand while your back is leaning against the wall. Estimate your angle. An angle that is 180 degrees is the one that is directly pointing up at your chin. One the other hand, the angle measuring 90 degrees is pointing directly at your front while the 0 degree angle will directly point down to your feet. So far, the angle that is considered the average is 106.8 degrees.

Length During Erection

The penis’s maximum length can be achieved during the state of excitement and arousal. On the average, the size that measures from the shaft’s base to its tip should be 5.8 inches.

The Maximum Girth

When your member is still in its erect state, wrap the penile base with a tape measure. On the average, it needs to measure 5 inches around or 1.6 in terms of diameter.

The Flaccid Length

After undressing, measure your member immediately and make sure that you will not get warm and cold air in the room that can distort the measurement because expansion or shrinkage can possibly take place. On the average, a flaccid penis has a length of 3.43 inches.

Does Size Really Matter?

It is possibly among the most frequently raised questions of men from all over the world and this is just too bad for the truth is, this is kind of pointless. The truth of the matter is that penis size is only important if you will actually assume and think that it is. When a woman wants a bigger penis, then, penis size is a must for her and only to her. However, you need to keep in mind that size is just a part of the things that can physically stimulate a woman during sexual intercourse.

Now that you know more about penis size, this is the perfect time for you to stop and think if you really need to use male enhancement products or not.


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