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Penis Health Alert: Circulation Problems
Posted on September 29th, 2013
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Erectile dysfunction is often caused by circulation concerns, particularly when blood flow in your penis is impeded. These problems can occur in your penis for a number of reasons, and you are not alone if you’re experiencing them: about 20 million American men experience erectile dysfunction at one point in their lives.

Here are some reasons behind circulation concerns in your penis:

  • Smoking and use of cocaine – The habits constrict the blood vessels in your body and limit the amount of blood flow to your genitals, therefore causing circulation problems. Especially in high doses, the stimulant effects of both nicotine and cocaine will adversely affect the ability of your power drill to have optimal blood flow, which is a prerequisite for a strong, hard erection.
  • Diabetes – Diabetic retinopathy can develop in diabetics with elevated blood sugar levels. It can damage your nerves, which in turn reduce the nerve signals important to start and maintain an erection. The nerve damage will also lower blood flow in your penis, and decrease your ability to be stimulated. This way, a chronic disease like diabetes can cause erectile concerns.
  • Spinal cord injury – This injury can also create circulation concerns and erectile dysfunction. For instance, the peripheral nerve damage occurring with a spinal cord injury can limit the function of your penis.
  • High-fat intake – This diet clogs the arteries in the body with fat, and the fat accumulation in veins which happens in atherosclerosis limits blood flow through the arteries to your penis. Therefore, you can experience decreased circulation in your penis and a compromised ability to achieve an erection. Refrain from eating bad fat sources such as processed foods – greasy fries, bacon, chips and dips, hotdogs, pork roll, and many more daily “conveniences.”
  • Kidney problems – Another common cause of circulation problems in your penis is kidney disease, which affects not only sexual function but also your overall health. When your kidneys do not function well, toxins may build up in your system. As these toxins circulate, they potentially damage your organs and limit blood flow to your penis. This can cause not only erectile dysfunction, but malaise as well.

When you are faced with erectile dysfunction, you should not just shrug it off, even though it may resolve on its own. Talk to your doctor about the best treatment plan for you, considering your health and your special needs, e.g. if you are currently undergoing medication. You may explore the use of herb-based male enlargement pills to get erection and sexual stamina benefits that would otherwise be nearly impossible to obtain by letting the problem exist unaddressed.

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