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Last Longer in Bed With the Best Breathing Technique
Posted on January 27th, 2014
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When you are experiencing the pleasures of sex, you will surely want the act to last much longer than the usual. Obviously, the first thing that you will do first is pay more attention to giving pleasure to your partner and allotting more time for foreplay. However, this is not actually the point. You are the one who wants to last longer when having sex. It can be embarrassing, frustrating, or simply not frustrating when you reached your orgasm sooner than you wanted. Good thing that in this male enhancement guide, you will now learn how to last much longer inside the bedroom. So, what are the things that you can do to stop this dilemma?

Put an End to Premature Ejaculation

Through following a certain breathing exercise, men like you will now be able to finally put an end to your premature ejaculation and enjoy sexual intercourse longer. However, are you really suffering from premature ejaculation? Because it can take long for women to reach their climax and due to those lies that you often hear from other guys, you are probably assuming that your orgasm hits you faster than what is normal.

In reality, a lot of men climax in a matter of 5 to 10 minutes after the start of the intercourse or when they are getting an oral from their partner. 5 minutes happens to be absolute norm while 10 minutes is already stretching it. Now that you know this, are you coming faster than the said minutes or do you belong to the average? Either way, the breathing technique in this male enlargement guide will surely be of big help to you.

Breathing Exercises

Once you decide to follow this tip, it is important that you catch yourself before you are actually “there” and no turning back is allowed. If you are already too near your climax, all techniques for breathing in the world will no longer do you any good.

When you are having sex, you are going to notice how your breathing becomes shallower and faster when arousal gets the better of you. This quick breathing can make your pulse race, with your blood flowing faster than normal. It will also make your penis sensitive, while your senses turns heightened. With all his amount of oxygen getting inside your body, you will feel like you are on a high, of course, without mentioning that sex can really feel great as well.

It is important that you give your body with extra attention and be wary of the telltale signs that will hint your nearing orgasm. Once you feel that it is already coming on, you will want to thrust much slower and focus instead on you breathing. You can close your eyes in case this can be of help. Breathe in slowly then hold your breath by counting to five before expelling the air out slowly. Your thrusts can be timed with your breathing yet ensure that you will be going slowly.

Premature ejaculation can rob you of so many pleasurable moments when having sex, but this should no longer be your issue now that you know a good breathing technique which can help you in lasting much longer in bed. If this is not enough, there are also natural male enhancement supplements that will be of help in fighting off premature ejaculation, most of which are made from herbal and all-natural ingredients that are safe to use and free from side effects.


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