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Increasing Libido – Tips for the Seniors
Posted on March 10th, 2014
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It is almost inevitable that when a man ages, your sex drive or libido is also going to drop relatively. This will no longer have the same levels as they were during your 20s or your 30s. The production of your body of those hormones that fuel libido begins to slow down, with estrogen developing even more. as for the ladies, they start to develop higher levels of testosterone, with menopause being the major breaking point in the dropping of their libido.

When you get older, it is no longer only about low levels of libido but at the same time, this is also about having higher chances of suffering from erectile dysfunction. Good thing that there is no reason for you to worry as you will now be able to help revitalizing your libido and keeping yourself in optimal function during sex. Below are several tips that you can try to consider.

  • Add more foods to your diet that will promote pheromone and hormone production and can also help in boosting your libido. A balanced and healthy diet is the primary key to achieve overall wellness. This can also be the primary key to attaining optimum sexual performance and function. Foods that are known for benefitting your libido include avocados, celery, figs, bananas and nuts. Celery in particular can provide androgen, an odorless hormone that attracts women and has the ability of easing several of the libido dropping symptoms in ladies’ menopausal stage. Also, raw oysters will be able to increase the levels of zinc in your body for improved sexual interest and potency.
  • Eliminate or reduce alcohol consumption and smoking. Drug and substance use and abuse can lead to a decrease in the levels of your testosterone. Also, smokers are likely to suffer from impotence or erectile dysfunction as compared to those who are non-smokers. Quitting these bad habits will surely help in enhancing your blood flow and circulation which happen to be the primary factors to make erections and sex happen.
  • Have a regular exercise. Following a good fitness program can help in the creation of hormones and improvement of blood circulation and pressure. There is no need for you to do this every day as you can always exercise thrice a week in case you are just starting out. Try to combine the cardiovascular exercises with some strength training as well as other routines for fitness that will be able to help in improving your weight, health, as well as sexual vitality.
  • Talk to your physician regarding medication. In case you feel that you will already need the help of medication, you can ask your doctor regarding it. Your physician can prescribe to you some drugs for enhancing sex drive in the same way that the ladies can make use of water based moisturizers for the vagina, vaginal estrogen, and synthetic steroid that can mimic the rest of the hormones in order to stimulate libido. In the event that you are not that keen with the idea of using drugs, you can always go for natural male enhancement supplements that can improve your sexual desire.

Managing your libido even when you are already in your senior years is still important in order to ensure that you will be able to enjoy better sex with your partner. If you feel that you need even more assistance than those mentioned above, you can also look for the best male enhancement products that will surely give you the help that you need.


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