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How Sexual Dysfunction Benefits from Acupressure
Posted on December 10th, 2013
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There are plenty of factors which can cause the development of erectile dysfunction. Good thing that there is also a wide variety of conventional and natural treatments that can help put an end to this dilemma that is being experienced by hundreds or possibly thousands of men from different parts of the world. For instance, TCM or traditional Chinese medicine, is offering itself as a kind of ED treatment by looking at the entire mind and body complex. A TCM technique that is commonly utilized for refreshing a person’s energy and helping in the treatment of ED is acupressure which does not aim to replace the conventional treatment but is instead a great adjunct help to it.

The Theoretical Basis

Acupressure’s basis is the cultivation of qi, or the important universal energy that surrounds and governs all of the living things on the planet. Qi is very crucial for improving one’s general health since the body of a person normally draws the qi from the environment before transferring it to the kidneys. The kidneys will then convert this qi for it to become more useful for the internal organs.

Are you aware that a man’s ejaculation is actually a sign of qi loss? ED is in fact a symptom that the qi in your kidney has already been used up and if you will force erection with the use of anti-ED drugs, this might only further deplete your body’s qi levels and worsen your overall sexual condition.

Acupressure – How Does It Work?

This particular technique in traditional Chinese medicine can help in resolving ED by balancing the autonomic nervous system that is composed of your respiration, perspiration, digestion, and heart rate. Also, this system can lessen your libido, thus causing erectile dysfunction once it becomes out of proper balance.

Basically, acupressure works through being combined with sexual refrain when feeling tired or when engaging in hard labor, after eating, when feeling hungry and when having a lot of emotions. You must also know that different organs are being inhibited by different negative feelings. For example, fear is being associated to the decrease of kidney qi, which means that you need to acknowledge whatever fear you are probably harboring regarding your sexuality because this kind of negative emotion might only lead to your erection issues. As much as possible, try working on the points related to your kidney and by this, you will be able to address qi depletion and your fear at the same time.

Techniques and Tips

Here are several of the ways that you can follow for doing acupressure the right way:

  • You can refresh your kidneys through the treatment of K1, the bubbling spring and the point on your foot’s bottom, just at the back of the ball. The point is drawing energy from the energy to your kidneys. Try feeling the area until finding the tender spot. Massage this point firmly then press and hold it.
  • You might also want to give more focus on your dantian situated right below the belly button. It is the energy organ responsible for storing qi. You can stimulate the dantian through working on the pressure point call CV6 or the sea of energy using two of your fingers.
  • Acupressure can also be a great erotic massage that you and your partner can do together. Work on one another’s sea of vitality points located on the lower part of the back. Doing this will help in refreshing your energy.


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