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How Lavender Oil Affects Male Hormones
Posted on September 5th, 2013
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We’ve talked about the group of herbs called nervines, which help calm your nerves and bring feelings of relaxation, and are necessary for optimal libido levels. Among these is lavender, which has also been used for the treatment of conditions such as insomnia, anxiety, headaches, depression, skin disorders, and hair loss. When inhaled, lavender provides sedative and soothing effects.

But there could be certain issues and complications when using lavender therapeutically, so read on to find out about them.

Lavender Effects

Lavender comes in the form of aromatherapy oil, teas, tinctures, and diluted solutions for topical use, and these may not be used interchangeably. For instance, lavender oil is toxic when ingested.

In a study, it was found that lavender oil acts as an endocrine disrupter, which may interfere with your hormone activity or production. Lab studies show that lavender oil indeed inhibits the effects of androgen, the hormone controlling male characteristics. It mimics the properties of estrogen, the female hormone that makes the growth of breast tissue possible.

Issues and Complications

Topical use of lavender oil in shampoo, soap, skin lotions, and other products may then lead to enlarged breast tissue in boys. It’s called pre-pubertal gynecomastia, which is the enlargement of breasts before puberty. It is a rare condition and its cause is usually not identifiable.

Gynecomastia brings few physical complications, but there may be emotional and psychological problems that can occur. Boys and grown-up males with enlarged breasts, for instance, can be stressed out or embarrassed by enlarged breasts, which are quite difficult to hide.

A number of months after the discontinuation of products containing lavender oil can lead to the resolution of gynecomastia. The symptoms may at least subside, if not fully resolve. According to researchers, they have not foreseen any long-term effects on hormones following the discontinuation of using lavender oil.


Lavender oil may need to be avoided by men who struggle with infertility as well. Although evidence is still limited, you can eliminate a possible factor in low or lack of fertility by avoiding lavender oil products.

While lavender may be beneficial to calm the nerves and help bring libido back to optimal levels, it may result in issues and complications that include gynecomastia and low fertility. You may seek other male enhancement methods, such as herbal supplements that can address both erectile dysfunction and poor libido.

Keep posted for more news and reviews on male enhancement techniques you can use!


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