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Factors That Affect Your Sexual Desire
Posted on April 18th, 2014
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Factors That Affect Your Sexual Desire

No matter how one wishes to have mind-blowing sex each time, there are times when your libido or sexual desire just happens to be less than ideal. This sex drive that you have differs every time, and is affected by many factors that range from your stress level at work to your relationship concerns. Before you decide on what male enhancement method to take, take a look at these four main factors that affect male libido and its status.

  1. Aging – The natural aging process can take its toll on your libido and bodily processes. As you grow older, your sexual desire also gradually decreases, which explains why the older male demographic is among those who buy Viagra and other prescription male enhancers. Several health conditions that occur as you age also get in the way of your libido. But aging need not come with these prescription drugs, because natural male enhancement can help prevent any bedroom problems that may take place.
  2. Low testosterone levels – Another indicator of aging is a low testosterone status. According to experts, though, this is hardly the case, and there is a variety of ways you can ensure optimal testosterone levels and not have trouble in sex.
  3. Smoking and other vices – Smoking and drinking alcohol do not only increase your risk for disease, but also wreak havoc on your libido and get in the way of your body’s natural chemical processes. So it’s very important to make that decision today to quit your bad habits and make natural, healthful choices for your sexual and overall wellness.
  4. Obesity and weight problems – One of the common reasons why your libido goes low is being overweight or obese, as the inability to keep an optimal weight can affect your normal functioning, including your libido. Being heavy also slows you down and keeps you from performing at your best during sexual intercourse. The key here is to address your overall health: your diet, level of fitness, stress management, getting enough sleep, and many more. This will give your libido the chance to improve.

Among the top choices taken today to help you have a better libido is choosing a high-quality natural supplement for male enhancement, which is often a euphemism for penis enlargement. But this dietary supplementation is not all about improving penis size, but also supercharging your erections, sexual stamina, energy, and intensity of orgasm.

These supplements contain mainly traditionally tested herbal extracts such as ginkgo biloba, Korean ginseng, and maca root, as well as nutrients such as zinc and folate for a range of benefits. The challenge, of course, is to find an excellent formula from a reputable manufacturer, and to know through doctor’s consultation if supplementation is right for you and your level of health.


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