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Hardazan Plus: How It Works, Pros and Cons and Where to Buy
Posted on September 11th, 2012
4.67 avg. rating (91% score) - 6 votes

There are many men these days who are suffering from sexual issues, a good example of which is premature ejaculation. Most of them try to avoid the use of prescription medicines for resolving issues like these, which is just quite understandable. Good news because these days, there are already numerous over-the-counter and all-natural products that have been made available in order to treat premature ejaculation as well as other issues related to sexual health of males.

Hardazan Plus is one natural product for male enhancement claiming to have the ability of improving issues like premature ejaculation and ED or erectile dysfunction. This product has been designed to assist in increasing libido, supporting sexual and prostate health, heightening sexual pleasure, and improving the general quality of the erections of a man.

How It Works

This particular product is composed of a rich mixture of a total of 30 ingredients that were all proven to be effective in boosting men’s sexual performance without giving off any unwanted side effect. Among these ingredients is Epimedium or also commonly called the Horny Goat Weed. Studies have already revealed that this herb can lessen cortisol, a kind of stress hormone as well as influences production of the feel-good neurotransmitters like dopamine, norepinephrine, and serotonin.

L-Arginine is yet another ingredient that can be found in the product. This one is famously used in various enhancement products and it has also been discovered to really work. L-Arginine aids in nitric oxide production that can help in the relaxation of the penile blood vessels that will let more blood to go to it and boost the erection’s quality.
Damiana herb extract and saw palmetto are also ingredients listed in the product’s label. Based on some clinical studies, saw palmetto can benefit in general prostate health.


  • The ingredients of Hardazan Plus are all-natural.
  • A prescription is not needed for using the product.
  • Some of the ingredients of the product were already proven to work for sexual enhancement of males.
  • The physicians approved the formula of the product and it has also been tested clinically.
  • Bulk purchases come with discounts.


  • The product is on high end when it comes to its cost.
  • Although it is claimed by the product website that it has already been clinically tested, there were no studies provided to validate the claim.
  • Results can only be seen if the product is taken daily.
  • No testimonials from doctors were given to support the claims.

Where to Purchase

This product can be bought from its official website and a supply good for one month can amount to $49.99, with discounts given to those who purchase in bulk. If you will buy a supply for three months, you are going to spend $149.99 plus additional two months for free. In case your supply is for five months, you can get something that can last for 10 months for only $249.99.

Should It Be Recommended?

All in all, Hardazan Plus can be considered as a good enough product. Those ingredients that were used in the product can also be found in other items of the same category. In addition, the product can also support the general health of a man’s prostate, which happens to be something that many products cannot actually do. In spite of the previous claims, the maker of the product also offers a money-back guarantee good for 60 days, which will practically cover the product’s cost with the shipping not included.


No thanks, I hate having sexual pleasure and save money