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End Your Premature Ejaculation Even Without Exercises
Posted on December 20th, 2013
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Being able to enjoy sex much longer is commonly just wishful thinking on the part of most men. Despite trying to hold themselves back, these men still end up climaxing sooner than they would actually want and need to. Of course, who would not want to have sex for, say, half an hour, an hour, or if you are really lucky even all throughout the night? For sure, you have already read about the different exercises that are said to help in combating premature ejaculation but chances are you lack the time or you simply have no interest in doing such things. Well, there is no longer a need for you to worry as there are already several products out in the market right now which will be able to help you in ending your problem on premature ejaculation even without the need to engage in any exercises. Through the use of the different male enhancement products, you will be able to lessen the frustration and stress that goes together with premature ejaculation and ultimately, you can finally enjoy having longer sessions of intercourse without climaxing in just a matter of minutes after the action starts.


Today, there are already plenty of ointment brands that men can rub on the shaft and head of their penis that will be able to help them in ending their premature ejaculation. Usually, these are composed of herbal blends and/or risk-free chemical which numb the organ slight, which will then decrease its sensitivity. This will not totally numb the penis but it will only do it enough in order for you not to reach climax right away.

However, one of the primary downsides of these ointments is that you must never forget washing your hands well once you have applied it since you will surely not want the material to enter the mouth or eyes of you and your partner.


Naturally, there is a need for you to consult your doctor if you plan of using antidepressants although there are now plenty of men who claimed that these can really help a lot in dealing with their issues on premature ejaculation. The reason why these antidepressants are working for some males suffering from premature ejaculation is because there are already studies that revealed that more often than not, men suffering from PE have low levels of serotonin in their brain and the antidepressants happen to be a great help in regulating the said levels. In case your climax comes too quickly, talking to your doctor might help as he can recommend you to start an antidepressant therapy.


Doubling up or using thicker condoms can usually help in reducing the sensation and increasing the time for you to last before you reach your climax. Of course, in case you are not part of a monogamous relationship, using condoms is definitely a must for you but for those who are in long term relationships and haven’t been using condoms for some time now, you might as well give these a try and check if these will help you in curing your premature ejaculation.

As far as male enhancement is concerned, premature ejaculation in particular, these are the three best ad easiest means of overcoming the issue with no need to exercise or train your body and mind to control your orgasms. You can try them and see the great difference they can make in your life.


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