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Big Penis Head – The Secrets to Getting One
Posted on January 18th, 2014
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Also called the glans penis, the head of the penis is undoubtedly that one area that most guys tend to overlook when they are busy with reaching their male enhancement goals by increasing the size of their penis. For sure, you are all too busy thinking about the ways on how you can add girth and length to your shaft but you should know that if you are really determined to make your manhood bigger and something that will give a good impression to the ladies, you will need to increase the size of its head as well.

Head – Is It Really Important?

It is very usual for you to assume and think that women like men whose penis is thicker and longer. While this might be true at first, you also need to remember that it is the head of the penis that she will see before anything else, and it is also the very thing that will enter her first. Of course, you will want her to get a good feel of it, and you will surely not want to make her feel that what entered her is similar to that of a sharpened pencil, with the bottom thick but the top is tapered and thin. If you glans penis is larger, your manhood will also become even more attractive to her eyes.

Get a Bigger Head By Knowing These Secrets

The head of the penis is filled with spongy tissue that surrounds the end of the urethra. To make it bigger, your goal will be to enhance and maintain a bigger amount of flow of blood to the head of the penis in order for the tissue to expand permanently.

Majority of men, when doing jelqing or milking exercises, tend to stop short of the head of the penis. Even though this exercise is great for increasing your penis’ length, you might like to spend some time on its head as well.

The Best Technique

When your penis is in its semi-erect state, put some lubricant on its shaft. The one that is great to use would be a kind of male enlargement oil that has been specially formulated, with oil base and herbal extracts that have been added into it. These certain herbs, like ginkgo, will be able to help in increasing the flow of blood going through the whole penis.

Using your forefinger and thumb, make the okay sign before gently yet firmly gripping the penis base. Then, slide your fingers slowly up to the shaft. Once you have reached the head’s base, squeeze a bit tighter, but not that much that you will already feel pain. You will notice that the head of your penis will then swell with blood as it floods in the area and stays trapped while you go on keeping pressure on it. You can hold this for 10 to 30 seconds before you release it then start all over again at the base before sliding your fingers back again up to the head, hold, release, and do it over again in a matter of 5 minutes.

If you will do this regularly, you will notice that after several weeks, you did not just achieve a longer penis but at the same time, its head has also become thicker. A lot of men who have tried male enhancement and done this technique have been ecstatic with the kind of results that they got.


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