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Aging and Its Effects on Your Reproductive and Sexual Health
Posted on May 5th, 2014
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Most men these are enjoying the peak of their sexual life when they reached their early 20s onto their 30s. Once they reached past this point, they can already start encountering issues with their sexual performance and even fertility potential. If you happen to be among those who have these concerns, then, better read on. A man’s manhood is prone to experiencing various difficulties when you get older and this problem can call for psychological or medical treatment so that they can be remedied.

Ejaculation and Erection Issues

Among the most usual sexual woes experienced by a lot of men is none other than erectile dysfunction, or the inability of starting or sustaining an erection so that one can have a sexual intercourse and successfully penetrate. It is a condition which can affect almost half of the men aged 40-69, with a staggering 70% for those who are 70 years old and above. Erectile dysfunction is a condition which can stem from numerous reasons, including penis nerve damages and inadequate circulation of the hormones. People who are suffering from high blood pressure, diabetes as well as neurological issues can also have some difficulty in sustaining their erections.

In the same way, premature ejaculation is also very common among the aging males. In this case, even though they can get an erection, they end up reaching their sooner or way before the time that they desire. Oftentimes, there is a psychological factor that causes premature ejaculation, like when a man is too stressed out or tired or when there are some relationship issues being faced. For this particular situation, psychotherapy or counseling can come in handy or you can also try some pelvic exercises as well as some of the available natural remedies, including male enhancement pills.

Inability of Conceiving a Child

When you get older, chances are also increasing that you will become infertile, something that can be related to erectile dysfunction or is an entirely different concern. For example, erectile issues can be the biological response to infertility among males. In addition, there can also be a decrease in the number of sperm that makes it difficult to conceive.

Trauma, environmental pollutants, use of some prescribed medications as well as infections can also increase your chances to be infertile. In order to combat this, you might as well explore the different fertilization choices such as drugs and the alternative conception forms that can suit your preferences and medical status.

Whether you are currently facing fertility problems or erectile dysfunction, it is important that you work hand in hand with your attending physician in order for him to tell you about the most suitable treatment plan for you. There might be a need for you to go through several tests plus your medical history might also be dug up so that the other potential factors can be set apart from aging alone. But even after you know about all these things, you should not be discouraged because aging does not necessarily need to come with all these difficulties. In fact, the only secret in order for you to combat all the negative effects brought by aging to your reproductive and sexual health is by maintaining a good level of your health by way of following proper diet, practicing healthy lifestyle habits and regular exercise.

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