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Extenze was one of the most marketed and most sold male enhancement supplements to date, due in part to B and C rate celebrity endorsements from NFL champion coach Jimmy Johnson, NASCAR driver Kevin Conway, and adult film actor Ron Jeremy.

Extenze like other top selling supplements promises to “enhance desire, power, pleasure, and performance,” and offers a one-week “free” trial period. But does this male enhancer live up to the hype and millions of advertising dollars?

Claims and Components

Extenze promises to make a difference by enhancing your erections, giving you more intense orgasms, and increasing your penile sensitivity with just one tablet per day. Its key ingredient is Yohimbe bark extract, a powerful vasodilator (substance which widens blood vessels), is also know to cause sever side effects for many users. It also contains L-arginine, Horny Goat Weed, Tribulus Terrestris, Damiana, Muira Puama, Cnidium, Velvet Deer Antler, Korean Ginseng, and Zinc.

Yohimbe is a potent herb and has show results for male enhancement properties but it is also one of the most controversial ingredients because of the potential for sever and often long lasting side effects, which include dizziness and headaches. Extenze describes its male enhancement formula to be at “maximum strength” (possibly due to Yohimbe) but it lacks certain ingredients like Catuaba and Tongkat Ali that are also key natural aphrodisiacs. The company reveals the amount of Yohimbe, and Zinc it contains but does not include quantities for the other key ingredients.

The Good

  • Celebrity endorsements add to its appeal (not sure if it adds to effectiveness)
  • Doctor recommended
  • 7-day “free” trial period (although many people report continued billing on their credit card even after they chose not to order the product)
  • Contains Yohimbe for maximum strength (much check you health condition because the know side effects can be serious)

The Bad

  • Because it contains Yohimbe, many people should not take this product
  • Does not disclose the amounts of the other ingredients
  • Reports of poor customer service and unauthorized billing of customer credit cards

The Verdict

Extenze spends a massive amount of money on advertising and many people wonder where that money comes from; hopefully they have stopped the practice of automatic billing in which customers who sign up for the “free” trial period are billed for products they did not order.  With other better top selling products now available we also wonder why Extenze does not change their formula and eliminate ingredients that are know to cause side effects.

Bottom line: 5-10 years ago this product may have been the best choice for men because there were no better alternatives. But in the last couple of years other brands have not only caught up to Extenze they have clearly passed them.  Other top selling products now offer more effective formulas and better results with no reported side effects and clearly better customer service and better refund policies. We think it is time for Extenze to redirect some of their massive advertising dollars into improving their product and improving customer billing policies.

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