Male Enhancement Tips for Better Sexual Performance
Posted on January 5th, 2012
Male Enhancement Tips for Better Sexual Performance
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Sex helps reinforce that special bond between romantic partners, so much so that unsatisfying sex could even lead to the collapse of a relationship.  And you know where the burden of pleasurable sex is placed upon—us men.  Enter male enhancement products, which are sought after nowadays for their miracle-like effects on one’s bedroom skills.

But sometimes, male enhancement products—and dare I size, penis size—won’t guarantee awesome sex. Rather, it’s how well you’ve perfected your techniques in the bedroom. Take note of these helpful tips to make your wife/girlfriend scream your name.

Have a heart-friendly diet. A diet that’s good for the heart makes a lot of sense if you’re aware of the physiology of sex. After all, achieving rock-hard and powerful erections has a lot to do with proper circulation. Moreover, medical experts say erectile dysfunction (ED) is often an indicator of heart disease. Simply put, blocked arteries equal to less blood flowing into your penis.

Don’t dive too deep. Here is where size doesn’t matter as much and where average-sized guys can get away with not taking any male enhancement products. According to US sex gurus Masters and Johnson, the outer third of the vagina is actually the most sensitive part. This means that you really don’t have to thrust too deep in order for her to be overcome with pleasure.

Play with toys. By “toys”, I mean vibrators, cock rings and other adult sex toys. Here’s some words of wisdom from Indiana University researcher Debby Herbenick Ph.D.—“A vibrating cock ring for example, doesn’t give you a giant plastic shaft to compete with, but does give her “enhanced pleasure.”

Build up the excitement. When you think about it, sex doesn’t start the moment you shed your clothes. In some cases, it could begin with a dirty text message, a whisper or a massage. You don’t always have to be prepared for sex, but you do have to put in some naughty or even creative effort to spark her desire and get her in the mood for a round or two. Build her anticipation the same way you would build up yours through male enhancement products. You have to be consistent until you both get your desired results.

Work out to increase sexual stamina. If you only last two minutes with your partner then you know you have a problem. To make sure you don’t fizzle out when the bedroom action’s just heating up, try boosting the efficacy of male enhancement products like male enhancement supplements with some cardio and weights. The more you work out, the better your performance will be so don’t skip out on either exercise or your trusted male enhancement product.

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